6-24th August 2012: University Fieldwork (Stonehenge Riverside Project)

As part of my first year at Southampton University, I joined a 3 week summer fieldwork project lead by Dr Josh Pollard at Signet Hill causeway enclosure in Burford (Oxfordshire) and on the Stonehenge Riverside Project at Clatford (Wiltshire), with Prof Mike Parker Pearson (for the last 2 weeks).

During a field walk at Signet Hill I was fortunate enough to find a Neolithic Leaf Arrowhead (right), plus two more flint arrowheads (below).



The Stonehenge Riverside Project is a Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded archaeological research study of the development of the Stonehenge landscape in Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain. The project started in 2003 with aims to understand any potential relationships between the henge and the surrounding landscape, such as the River Avon. The project has been supported by a team of archaeologists from Southampton, Sheffield, Manchester, Bournemouth, Bristol, Preston and Birmingham.

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