9th October 2012: Filming for Channel 4

I was asked by Oxford Scientific Films to participate in a 90 minute documentary for Channel 4 with the working title of ‘The People of Stonehenge’. It is being made with the assistance of Professor Mike Parker Pearson, who I worked with during at the Stonehenge Riverside Project (Clatford, Wiltshire) in August 2012. Mike and his colleagues have been working on a decade-long study, analysing over 400 human remains including the cremated remains of 63 individuals discovered within the monument itseld, some of which are believed to have been buried when the first stones were laid.

Instead of a full reenctment, OSF had planned to do a photo shoot in the screening room of Broadley Studio (London) and then create a series of stills that will be used to build up a 3D timeslice image of a given moment in prehistory. Much of what will be seen on TV will be created in CGI, but all handheld props and all costumes were real.

So along with a number of extra's and the film crew, I got involved in the photo session for the documentary at around 9am. I helped to advise the crew on the type of set-up for each shot and I also provided a number of props (antler pick, flint axe, jewllery, beaker pot, flintknapping kit, skins) that were used.

The People of Stonehenge will be broadcast in early 2013 and hopefully I will be included in the final version of the documentary. Producer/director is Nick Gilliam-Smith and executive producer is Alice Keens-Soper. 


Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons will be broadcast on 10th March 2013 at 8pm on Channel 4:

Stonehenge is Britain's greatest prehistoric monument and, for many centuries, has also provided perhaps our greatest prehistoric mystery. One man believes he has found the vital clues to solve this puzzle, and this programme follows him through a series of discoveries that rewrite the story of Stonehenge.

Buried beneath the stones are ancient bodies, and a research team led by world-renowned archaeologist Professor Mike Parker Pearson has been granted special permission to analyse them for the first time.

The results of that investigation overturn the accepted view on when Stonehenge was built and what it was built for, providing compelling evidence that it once united the people of Britain.The programme proves that the monument we know today was not the original Stonehenge and answers the mystery of its sudden decline

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