22nd June 2012: Ancientcraft is three years old Today

Much has happened over the last 12 months, most significant was starting my BSc Archaeology degree at Southampton University. I have continued to be involved with various non-University activities and conferences, for example a recent course with the Woodcraft School (I will hopefully complete my NCFE level 3 certificate in Primitive Technologies in August 2012) and I did gain a NAS Part II: Intermediate certificate in foreshore and underwater archaeology.

I also visited many archaeological sites in England, France, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands and found time to do a few test-pit excavations. There have been more public and private flintknapping workshops; demonstrations at some new places and I received several commissions for flint tools, weapons and prehistoric venus art. Unfortunately, it has given me less time to perform late Roman reenactments with Britannia, but there should be one or two more during 2012.

There have been a number of enhancements to the website, such as the online activities (the unique 3D lithics challenge; various games; monthly crossword); a collection of the worlds oldest items; new projects to try; a list of stone age films and characters and new twitter and pinterest accounts. Monthly visitors to the site have increased steadily by 1,500 since 2010, to an average of nearly 3,500 and feedback has been very positive. A major event was my appearance on BBC 1's "The Great British Countryside" in March, when I filmed a flintknapping and archery session with Julia Bradbury. This was both great fun and helped to publicise Anicentcraft with the wider general public.

Over the next year I will be visiting a number of eastern European countries and may be able to visit some sites or museums. I have a three week dig in Wiltshire with the University in August ; more flintknapping events and some planned experimentation in lithic debitage that I hope to be able to present at next year's Annual Experimental Archaeology Conference in Cardiff.

I would like to thank you for visiting my site over the past three years and hope you have found it informative and interesting.

- o0o-

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