27th November 2013: Flintknapping at Holymead Primary School

Holymead Primary School in Bristol invited me to perform Stone Age Living History demonstration as part of their new Year 3 project focus called "Are You a Flintstone?" inspired by the changes in the history curriculum "The changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age". The large Primary school has around 86 children (7-8 years old) in Year 3 who were split into three groups.

I spoke to each group throughout the day about life in the Stone Age, showed a number of authentic / replica artefacts, the deer-hide dwelling and performed a flintknapping display, to cheers every time I struck the flint.


The comments from the school was:

"The pupils enjoyed the Stone Age workshop.  It let them visualise what life was like during the Stone Age period.  They enjoyed seeing a range of artefacts."  


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