May 2016: Stone Age photo's with DK Books

Dorling Kindersley (DK) Books commissioned Ancientcraft to provide "models", artefacts, props and materials for a new prehistoric book to be published during late 2016. The objective was to create a number of high-resolution photo's of my replica items, then further pictures of humans making fire and cordage, hunting and fishing, creating art and working with various materials including flint, animal hide and antler.

Additional content for the book will come from Klint Janulis (who joined us at the filming session on 24th May) and I will also act as prehistoric consultant.

I was also joined for some of the filming by Josie Mills (left) and Tabitha Paterson (right) from UCL, who seemed to enjoy the experience of being "prehistoric models".

******************** UPDATE ********************

DK findout! Stone Age will be released in UK on 16th January 2017 (ISBN: 9781465457509). The book is 64 pages filled with educational images and facts, special pull-out cover flaps to see extra information, a quiz and the timeline of the Stone Age.

DK Stone Age

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