Bede's World

  • Period :Anglo-Saxon
  • Type: Settlement
  • Address: Jarrow, Tyne & Wear
  • OS Grid Ref:

Bede's World recreates the landscape in the years around 700 AD. This includes experimental recreated timber buildings based on structures excavated within Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and a farm, with animals and crops as close as possible to those of the 7th and 8th centuries.

Central Building
Pit-type House

The building (above left) is based on one excavated at Thirlings in Northumberland. It was the central building of a cluster group which was built in the 6th century AD. .

The Anglo-Saxon pit-type house (above right) is a simple structure raised over a pit excavated into the ground. This example is based on one excavated at New Bewick in Northumberland.

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