Looking for an unusual and inspirational Stone Age themed gift ??

Bored with stocking the same old Roman, Viking or Medieval period gifts at your Prehistoric heritage centre / museum ??

Want something different to thank that Archaeology Professor ??

During my travels to numerous European prehistoric sites, heritage centres and museums, it is noticeable how many their gift shops offer a poor choice of prehistoric / stone age themed gifts to customers. Apart from the obligatory Horrible Histories and the occasional cuddly wooly mammoth, many items cover the wrong period (usually Roman or Viking) and offer little inspiration to the enquiring mind. Here is a selection of fun gift and merchandise ideas* available on the internet, that would look great in anyone's Stone Age collection.

* Note - Ancientcraft has no affiliation or financial interest in any retail organisations shown on this page. Commercially available items presented here are not recommendations or endorsements of quality or value. Ancientcraft accepts no responsibility for injury/damage/loss of reputation should you purchase / use any of these items.


mammoth socks

Pringle Mammoth Novelty Socks

Ice Age giants with impressive tusks and wool-covered bodies meet contemporary design and cotton rich quality

Mammoth T-shirt

Amazing 3D mammoth head T-shirt (100% cotton)



Stone Age Tie

55" long, 4" wide - made of 100% polyester fabric


Pewter Archer Cufflinks

Handmade in England by Hoardersworld. Each cufflink measures 2.5 cm


Pewter Spearman Cufflinks

Handmade in England by Hoardersworld. Each cufflink measures 2.5 cm



Playmobil will be heading back the Stone Age with a new range of six sets starring cave men and women, woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers.+


Caveman is a survival game where your objective is to become the dominant tribe on Volcano Island.

Papo Prehistoric Figures

Hand-painted models of a Stone Age men with a flint spear, axe and club in superb detail, great for creative, imaginative play. Each figure 9cm tall.


In a wacky environment you have to rediscover your ancestral skills such as chacoal sketching, primitive speech, miming and modeling.

Dino Zone Play Set

Time travel back to a prehistoric world with the Dino Zone play sets.   The caveman family live among the dinosaurs, hunting and fishing their prey, a great addition to the baby dinoaurs in this range

Stone Age

Players struggle to survive the Stone Age by working as hunters, collectors, farmers, and tool makers. As you gather resources and raise animals, you work to build the tools needed to build your civilization.

The Settlers of the Stone Age

In this exciting game, you will guide the journey of one of these branches. You must strive to spread your people over the whole world, in order to expand your branch of humanity.

Collecta Prehistoric Figures

Neanderthal man (with flint-headed spear) and a Neanderthal woman (with wooden club). Figures 7cm tall.



Ugg-Tect is a hilarious game of prehistoric architecture in which two teams, made of up to four players each, race to complete stone-aged structures out of simple wooden blocks

Lego Minifigures

LEGO Caveman minifigure from Series 1 of the popular collectable series. This figure is made up of 4 parts and was first released in 2010


Press Out Mammoth

Build your own Mammoth using recycled paper. Simply pop out the pieces and create your 3D model.
Suitable for ages 3+

PegSculpture 558 Toy Neanderthal Sculpture Kit

Contents: a simulated “field find” skull with muscles & peg holes, set of pegs to give flesh depth, modeling clay to make flesh, roller, sculpting tools





Cuddly Wooly Mammoth Head

Made from faux fur they are soft and luxurious and a really different quirky accessory for any child's bedroom. They are simple to hang too with a soft fabric loop safe

Caveman Cookies

Founded in 2009, the Caveman Bakery is proud to be a small, woman-owned business. 100% all natural - chewy and delicious

Caveman Blue Cheese

Caveman Blue was named one of the top cheeses in the world at the 2014 World Cheese Awards in London, England, winning a Super Gold medal as one of the top 60 cheeses

Caveman Mug

Made of Ceramic; holds 380ml of liquid;- dishwasher and microwave safe

Caveman Egg Cup & Spoon

Made of Ceramic - dishwasher and microwave safe


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