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All replicas are made to order and AncientCraft will dispatch your item(s) as soon as practicably possible. Replica's will normally be sent to you in under 40 working days. International orders are generally received in under 60 days.



Copper Ore

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  • Bronze is made of around 90% copper and 10% tin (with some variations through the Bronze Age. However, at the start of the Bronze Age (sometimes known as the Beaker Period, Chalcolithic or Copper Age),  people made metal tools from copper. To produce metal people mined ore, crushed it, sorted it then smelted it in a furnace using charcoal. There would have been a large network of people involved with the copper mining process in places like the Great Orme (north Wales), Alderley Edge (Cheshire) and Ross Island (Ireland).


    Mixture of ore supplied in a bag.

  • In order for me to appropriately tailor the replica to best suit your needs, It is important for me to understand what you wish to use the replica for.

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