"Engaging with members of the public on the topic of prehistoric archaeology can be challenging, whether it be in A museum, on TV or at an ancient site itself..."

This is the reason why AncientCraft was founded, dedicating its focus towards educating and reconnecting people to their prehistoric heritage. AncientCraft, strongly believes the most effective way to engage individuals and communities in prehistory is through the creation and delivery of interactive experiences, using quality replicas and experienced specialists.

Find out how Ancient Craft has helped his Clients deliver engaging prehistoric learning experiences...


At Yarrows, Caithness (north Scotland), James worked with the local archaeology groups and Northlight Heritage to provide craft workshops and demonstrations before a fiery spectacular...


James was invited to be part of the New Scientist Live event at the Excel Centre in London. Tens of thousands of visitors attended the event at which James provided flintknapping workshops every hour to groups of 40...

Neolithic Village

With the planned construction of the new visitor centre at Stonehenge and the addition of a Neolithic village, James saw an opportunity to try and help make the construction process of these Neolithic houses as authentic as safely possible...

ANCIENTCRAFT works with...

  • The British Museum

  • BBC (BBC1, BBC Four, BBC World Service)

  • National Geographic

  • New Scientist

  • Yale University

  • Pitt Rivers Museum

  • ITV

  • Stonehenge

  • Cambridge University

  • Museum of London

  • Dorling Kindersley

  • Bournemouth University

  • Channel 4

  • University of Liverpool

  • English Heritage

  • Jersey Heritage

  • University of Kent

  • National Trust

  • CADW

  • National Trust for Scotland

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