James Dilley Flintknapping in Settle, Yorkshire.



AncientCraft offers a variety of Living History services, ranging from craft demonstrations to prehistoric camp displays with a focus on the Stone or Bronze Ages. James Dilley has provided living history displays for museums and events across the UK, including Stonehenge, The British Museum, The Pitt Rivers museum, New Scientist Live and many others.

Stone Age Living History

One of the very best prehistoric living history displays in the UK for its accuracy and ability to inspire visitors. James demonstrates a variety of Stone Age crafts from flintknapping, fire making, cooking, hunting equipment use, bone & antler carving. The living history camp is filled with replica and reconstructed objects from prehistory and James is on-hand (dressed in accurate Stone Age clothing of course!) to explain the archaeology behind it all. Museum visitors have found this display especially good for children that are studying prehistory in school (KS2 History.


£350 per day

Flintknapping Demonstration

Flintknapping is the oldest craft in the world. Archaeologist and craftsman James Dilley gives an excellent and in-depth overview of the development of stone tool technology with an exciting demonstration. It is very rare to see an experienced flintknapper in the modern world so this display gives visitors a unique opportunity to see something amazing.


£275 per day

Bronze & Copper Casting Demonstration

A demonstration of metal working techniques from the Bronze Age using accurate tools and materials. While dressed in authentic Bronze Age clothing, James will talk through the process of casting different artefacts. As part of the display, there will be a large selection of replica objects to make the display feel more like an active workshop from over 3000 years ago.


£300 per day

Copper Smelting Demonstration

A demonstration of metal extraction from rock to metal using authentic tools and materials. This difficult process is explained carefully and clearly by James, dressed in Bronze Age clothes and surrounded by replica objects. This display is an excellent visitor engagement option as it combines both science and (pre)history!


£300 per day

School Workshops

Offering two styles of Living History workshops specifically tailored for schools with content varied to suit KS2 and KS3.

Prehistoric (Stone Age, Bronze Age & Iron Age)
Stone Age (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic & Neolithic)

Very similar to the Stone Age living history (with input from the later parts of prehistory), this option works well at a museum with school groups visiting.


Price on Application

“James has provided training sessions and demonstrations for both volunteers and the visiting public at Stonehenge. His easy manner and engaging style of delivery making these sessions hugely popular. The prehistoric clothing outfits are much appreciated by film-makers and the public, and really help to bring prehistory to life. I have personally recommended James on many occasions to others and always look forward to working with him on projects.”

SUSAN GREANEY (English Heritage)

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