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The Terms & Conditions information below must be read thoroughly and carefully before making any purchase for goods or services from AncientCraft. If you have any questions about them please do not hesitate to AncientCraft at

  • The Agreement is between "AncientCraft" and the event organizer/"client(s)" and is the sole agreement between those parties

  • AncienCraft reserves the right to refuse bookings to any party or individual without need to give reasons solely at AncientCraft's discretion and will return any payment

  • No variation of these terms & conditions shall be applicable unless agreed in writing by AncientCraft before the relevant demonstration/workshop

Services - Prices:
  • Whilst every effort is made to honour prices given during the enquiry or booking, AncientCraft reserves the right to alter prices should its costs in staging a demonstration/workshop increase for reasons beyond its reasonable control (including without limitation, the cost of transport and materials).

  • In the unlikely event that a price is altered, the client(s) will be verbally notified as soon as reasonably practical (followed by written details e.g. email) and the balance of the altered price will be payable on the same terms as was the original price.

  • In the event of the price being increased by 15% or more the client(s) may opt to cancel the booking and will then be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

Services - Payment:
  • Full payment is required for all demonstrations/workshops within 30 days of completion

  • Clients will receive a written and itemized invoice within 2-3 working days of completion of the demonstration/workshop

  • Payment method must be agreed by AncientCraft and the client(s) during booking and will typically be made via PAYPAL or electronic bank transfer. For more information, see the Wix and Adyen B.V Terms and Conditions.

Services - Cancellation by the client(s):
  • Given the substantial preparation by AncientCraft prior to any demonstration/workshop, the client(s) must be aware of the following conditions and therefore agrees to such if the booking is cancelled by them:

    1. Cancellation more than 4 weeks before demonstration/workshop commencement, 100% of the deposit will be returned to the client(s)

    2. Cancellation 2-4 weeks before demonstration/workshop commencement, then 50% of the deposit will be forfeited

    3. Cancellation less than 2 weeks before demonstration/workshop commencement, then 100% of the deposit will be forfeited

Services - Cancellation by Ancientcraft:
  • In the unlikely circumstance that AncientCraft needs to cancel a demonstration/workshop:

    • Clients will be informed as soon as practical using the email details you have supplied

    • AncientCraft will use reasonable endeavors to offer alternative dates or services

    • All deposits paid by the client will be refunded in full within 28 days (or if preferred, transferred as a deposit for another date)

    • AncientCraft will not be liable for reimbursement of any costs of promotional items, advertising, goods, materials or services incurred by the client that relate to a cancelled Ancientcraft event

Services - Complaints & Feedback:
  • In the unlikely circumstance that a client(s) has cause for complaint about an AncientCraft demonstration/workshop, the complaint must be made immediately to AncientCraft during the event in order that corrective action can be taken if necessary

  • Should a problem not be resolved at source during the event, a complaint must be made in writing to AncientCraft within 28 days of the event, or this complaint will not be upheld

  • Any refunds will only be considered if the above complaints process has been followed

  • Feedback and comments are requested at the end of each demonstration/workshop in the form of a simple paper questionnaire - this may include visitors to your event, as well event organizers

  • AncientCraft may elect to include any comments on this website and will associate with a client, but will typically not include an individual's full name or personal details (see Testimonials)

  • AncientCraft may elect to use a clients' logo in promotion of any events, goods or services (without any costs incurred) - by contracting AncientCraft, you accept this condition


Goods - Payment:
  • Full payment is required for goods (including package and postage) prior to despatch of each ordered item

  • Postage charges will include an insurance premium

  • Payment method must be agreed by AncientCraft and the client(s) during enquiry and will typically be made via PAYPAL; electronic bank transfer

  • AncientCraft will dispatch your item(s) as soon as practicably possible, as each item is typically manufactured to order and will normally send your order to you in under 40 working days. International orders are generally received in under 60 days

  • Stock availability or estimated dispatch date will be explained at time of enquiry or order and prior to any payments.

Goods - Commissioned Work:
  • Goods and items are hand-made and therefore each one is unique - any images shown on this website are representative only

  • All sizes and colours are approximate only

  • Creation of any commissioned work is based on best interpretation of client(s) requirements, understanding of ancient tools/techniques and the nature/quality of the natural materials available

  • 100% natural materials are used throughout the manufacturing process (except for venus replicas) - Ancientcraft cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions to these materials. Should you require manufacturing with different materials, please discuss with AncientCraft at the time of ordering.

  • Estimated dispatch date will be explained at time of enquiry or order and prior to any payments.

  • Reproduction lithics will be sharp, unless specifically requested by the client(s)

  • Goods and items are intended for display and light handling purposes only. They should not be used for their original accepted ancient use (e.g. the use of flint-tipped arrows for archery purposes or stone axes for tree felling is not recommended)

  • Goods and items are not suitable for children under 8 years old and must not be given to children under 3 years

Goods - Returns Policy:
  • A full refund or exchange will be given on any item(s) that you are not satisfied with, provided that the item(s) have not been worn or used and returned to AncientCraft within 14 days of purchase, together with all relative labels and packaging.

  • Please contact AncientCraft in the first instance to obtain a return address.

  • Return to the provided address with an enclosed copy of your invoice together with relevant details as to why you are returning your order.

Media - copyright usage:
  • AncientCraft withholds copyright to all media produced for a client (photographs/video clips).

  • When commissioning a piece of media from AncientCraft, you purchase non-exclusive rights and licence to use the media as the client sees fit, unless otherwise pre-agreed.

  • The client will have no right to offer the media for sale or otherwise distribute, publish, grant any sub-licences, sell, rent or otherwise exploit the media.

Changes to this agreement:
  • AncientCraft reserves the right to update the Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice.


Contacting Us:

Please do not hesitate to contact AncientCraft regarding any matter relating to this Privacy Policy at