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Specialists Dr. James Dilley and Emma Jones produces replicas from the European Stone Age and Bronze Age for private collections, museum displays, TV props and educational handling sessions. AncientCraft’s Replicas are made using authentic tools, ensuring their historical accuracy. Replica artefacts are a highly effective tool for engaging the public with prehistory, to fuel the imagination and begin a discussion of the human timeline.

For museum & Heritage orders
requiring a purchase order please complete our replica form:

"The products and service offered by Ancientcraft are of the highest standard. Their passion and in-depth knowledge of ancient history is second to none allowing great accuracy and detail for each product. At Creswell Crags, this helps us tell the story of how these amazing tools shaped our civilisation. We use them as part of our learning experience and also in our gift shop and no matter the quantity, each replica is obviously made with great care and attention."


  • What is your standard day rate?
    My standard day rate for media work is £400 however this can differ depending on requirements. A standard day rate would typically cover a craft demonstration and talking to camera as an example.
  • Are you comfortable talking to the camera?
    Very! I have lots of experience providing a variety of educational material to different clients. Sometimes this is while I am demonstrating a craft such as flintknapping or metalworking.
  • How many years experience do you have demonstrating your crafts?
    I have been practicing prehistoric crafts since I was about 10. I have been demonstrating to the public and media for over 11 years.
  • Do you travel to shoot locations?
    Yes, and unless there are special circumstances, I bring all my required materials and equipment.
  • Do you charge travel and subsistence?
    Yes, this cost is not included in my standard day rate.
  • Are you insured to demonstrate your craft?
    Yes. A public liability insurance certificate and risk assessments can be provided on request.
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