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The PERSON BEHIND Prehistoric Jewellery & the AncientCraft LENS...

Emma joined AncientCraft in 2020 with the aim of dragging its online presence out of the Stone Age and into the present day! As a visual storyteller, Emma believes the combination of primitive and digital technology can help bring people of the present closer to the people of our past. Making prehistoric archaeology exciting and accessible through digital outlets is her primary focus.

 While studying at university, Emma started working as a freelance Yacht Photographer, photographing regattas in the UK and Mediterranean. After graduating from Falmouth University with a BA (Hons) Photography, she hopped on a 90ft Sloop and sailed across the Atlantic from France to the Caribbean.


 For eight years Emma travelled extensively around the UK, Europe, Caribbean, Central and North America with her photography business, photographing and sailing classic yachts. She's voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean not once but four times, has logged over 50,000nm on the ocean sail and taken countless photographs along the way!


 When asked at the age of 7 what she would like to be when she grew up, Emma replied ‘An Archaeologist’. As a fellow Jones it only seemed right that she should follow in Indy’s footsteps, so when she was not busy watching Time Team, Emma could be found digging in the garden, unearthing small fragments of porcelain that simply must have come from an ancient Roman pot… Despite not directly pursuing a career in Archaeology, a career at sea meant she didn’t totally miss the experience of working in a cramped environment with rain and damp all around. Emma and James met at secondary school, sharing their GCSE and A-level journeys together.  

 After helping to redesign the AncientCraft website and social media, Emma oversaw the launch and management of the AncientCraft Youtube channel. Together Emma and James have worked on several museum projects to create living history media for videos, talks and displays. When she’s not photographing, filming or editing, she can be found casting replica jewellery for the AncientCraft Replica Shop.

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