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AncientCraft offer a variety of media services including consultancy, on-screen expert and the production of heritage videos. James has a wealth of experience, curating and featuring in television scenes, museum gallery media and online educational resources.


AncientCraft can provide consultation support for media projects in the portrayal of prehistory to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved within reasonable means. Dr. James Dilley is a renowned researcher of prehistoric archaeology from the Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age with a wide spectrum of knowledge on technical details and archaeological evidence. Recent past projects include Channel 5’s “Ice Age” (2022), The redevelopment of the Bru na Boinne visitor centre (2020), “24 hours in the Stone Age” from Usborne (2021).

Costuming & Props

AncientCraft has a store of accurate costumes & props for the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. Costumes are created using archaeological evidence and authentic materials. Costume has previously been provided for projects such as BBC’s “Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard”, “Prehistory” in the National Museum - Oman and Channel 4’s “Time Team”.

Craft Demonstrations

Demonstrations of prehistoric crafts (in accurate costume where required) such as flintknapping (stone tool making), fire lighting, bronze casting and smelting, hunting and many more skills can be provided for media projects. AncientCraft has provided demonstrations for BBC’s “Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard”, “Coast”. Channel 5’s “Ice Age” and many more.

Filmed Demonstration

Accurately costumed (if required) and highly experienced prehistoric craftsman to demonstrate and talk through activities such as tool making (i.e. flintknapping, metal working, smelting, bone working), hunting, cooking, shelter building and prehistoric archaeology.

Media Packages

Working with museum galleries to create ‘ready-to-display’ footage of prehistoric crafts, archaeological discussions and living history. Footage is produced, filmed & edited in house by our team. Examples of our work can be seen in several UK museums.

On-screen Expert

Dr. James Dilley has appeared as expert of prehistoric archaeology to talk about various aspect of life thousands of years ago on a number of projects including BBC’s “Invasion!”, “Stonehenge: The Lost Circle”, “Coast”. Channel 5’s “Secret Scotland with Susan Calman”, “Ice Age” and many more.

Stock Library

AncientCraft has an extensive stock library of photographs and footage including Stone Age/Bronze Age reconstructions, museum artefacts & replica items. Images have been used in several publications including projects with DK Books, along with providing specialist footage for the History Channel.

“James is an accomplished and charismatic television performer, combining down-to-earth language with academic rigour with formidable practical skills.   He is an absolute star on BBC Four’s BTS Award Nominated Invasion! I would be delighted to work with him again.”


  • What is your standard day rate?
    My standard day rate for media work is £400 however this can differ depending on requirements. A standard day rate would typically cover a craft demonstration and talking to camera as an example.
  • Are you comfortable talking to the camera?
    Very! I have lots of experience providing a variety of educational material to different clients. Sometimes this is while I am demonstrating a craft such as flintknapping or metalworking.
  • How many years experience do you have demonstrating your crafts?
    I have been practicing prehistoric crafts since I was about 10. I have been demonstrating to the public and media for over 11 years.
  • Do you travel to shoot locations?
    Yes, and unless there are special circumstances, I bring all my required materials and equipment.
  • Do you charge travel and subsistence?
    Yes, this cost is not included in my standard day rate.
  • Are you insured to demonstrate your craft?
    Yes. A public liability insurance certificate and risk assessments can be provided on request.
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