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AncientCraft delivers a variety of workshops that aim to teach and improve the understanding of prehistoric crafts. Alongside the creation of an object to take home, there is a strong focus to provide background information and contextualise how and why people made and used objects in the past.

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AncientCraft WORKSHOP

AncientCraft has moved to the Norfolk Broads! We are now offering workshops from the AC headquarters, we look forward to welcoming you at our new location!

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 WORKSHOPS in 2024...

Are you a budding craftsperson, a prehistory enthusiast or just looking to try something new? AncientCraft offers a range of workshops for individuals keen to try their hand at the art of flintknapping, bronze casting and more...

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AncientCraft run prehistory outreach workshops throughout the year at various museums and heritage sites. If you'd like to book us for an event in 2024, please get in touch.

"James was extremely knowledgeable and excellent working with the children. He set out a lovely display of furs and tools and talked to the children before they started knapping. He was extremely patient and the children all thoroughly enjoyed the session, everyone took away a knapped piece of flint which resembled a tool. Excellent value for money and would recommend him to other groups and schools."


  • What is your standard day rate?
    My standard day rate for media work is £400 however this can differ depending on requirements. A standard day rate would typically cover a craft demonstration and talking to camera as an example.
  • Are you comfortable talking to the camera?
    Very! I have lots of experience providing a variety of educational material to different clients. Sometimes this is while I am demonstrating a craft such as flintknapping or metalworking.
  • How many years experience do you have demonstrating your crafts?
    I have been practicing prehistoric crafts since I was about 10. I have been demonstrating to the public and media for over 11 years.
  • Do you travel to shoot locations?
    Yes, and unless there are special circumstances, I bring all my required materials and equipment.
  • Do you charge travel and subsistence?
    Yes, this cost is not included in my standard day rate.
  • Are you insured to demonstrate your craft?
    Yes. A public liability insurance certificate and risk assessments can be provided on request.
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