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 All replicas are made to order and AncientCraft will dispatch your item(s) as soon as practicably possible. Replica's will normally be sent to you in under 40 working days. International orders are generally received in under 60 days.



Lime Bast

Excluding VAT
  • Bast layers can be found under the outer bark layer of many trees. Lime trees (Tilia europaea), have bast layers that can be seperated into strong, thin lengths which were commonly used in prehistory. It is an excllent material to make cordage, Otzi the Iceman's equipment was tied or woven together with lime bast.

    Hand pulled and ready for making cordage. Supplied in a bag.

  • In order for me to appropriately tailor the replica to best suit your needs, It is important for me to understand what you wish to use the replica for.

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