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All replicas are made to order and AncientCraft will dispatch your item(s) as soon as practicably possible. Replica's will normally be sent to you in under 40 working days. International orders are generally received in under 60 days.


These replicas are for display purposes only and must not be reproduced or replicated without written consent. Please make sure you've read our full terms and conditions before purchasing our replicas.


Petit Tranchet Arrowhead Necklace

Excluding VAT
  • During the Mesolithic in NW Europe, hunters used arrowheads made from blades that had been broken into segments and trimmed to create flaring, chisel-like objects. These would be fitted to arrow shafts with the wider cutting edge facing forwards. Similar only in shape to later transverse/chisel arrowheads of the Neolithic (which were made from a flake instead of a blade), petit tranchets provide excellent projectile penetration power when loosed from a bow.

    This arrowhead pendant is handmade using a flint example made by James to create a mould. Pure cornish tin is then poured to fill all the tiny details from the original flint point. The arrowhead can be strung on a leather cord or sterling silver chain.  

    Chain Length: 18" | Pendant Size: 3-4cm


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